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[Prestashop] PrestaShop 8.1.2


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PrestaShop 8.1.2

Launch your ecommerce website, customize your online store and start selling your products with the PrestaShop ecommerce platform.

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  • Changelog

    Back Office:

    • #33741: Introduce employee menu same page links (by @sowbiba)
    • #33937: Bump 8.1.2 version (by @jolelievre)
    • #33880: Replace help text by tooltip in delivery slips page (by @nicosomb)
    • #33745: Introduce alternative search panels same page links (by @sowbiba)
    • #33476: Add image helptext (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33394: Add message when duplicating product (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33296: Change translation key when enable/disable/delete product (by @mflasquin)
    • #33276: Add file headers and bump some dependencies (by @mflasquin)
    • GHSA-6jmf-2pfc-q9m7 Filter dashboard hooks in ajax method (by @matthieu Rolland)
    • GHSA-gvrg-62jp-rf7j Check user has view access before fetching module hooks (by @matthieu Rolland)

    Bug fix:

    • #34060: Fix image configuration (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33909: Cannot add feature or cusotmization fields to virtual product (by @M0rgan01)
    • #33771: Update classname regex to allow FQDN (by @gross-nvs)
    • #33860: Add order by for attribute by position (by @jolelievre)
    • #33778: Handle friendly url automatic update and automatic offline shop configurations (by @jolelievre)
    • #33802: Fix uninstalling modules with deleted hooks. (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33658: Fix: issue when clearing cache with opcache with enable_file_override (by @Tofandel)
    • #33380: Improve reorder positions on grids (by @boherm)
    • #33567: Fix visual issues new product page (by @boherm)
    • #33660: Fix error in the module translation page (old translation system) (by @eternoendless)
    • #33643: Do not attempt to rebuild modules list if missing data (by @matks)
    • #33581: Fix modules from distribution api (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33450: Style migrated customer threads properly (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33495: Check if external carrier module exists (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33428: Prevent checking nonsupported image formats (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33458: Fix select for when multishop is not enabled (by @tleon)
    • #33152: Generate image for store after uploading it (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33234: Update module's information cache and add clear cache for doctrine (by @M0rgan01)

    Front Office:
    New feature:

    • #33873: Allow modules to provide language link params in correct languages (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33632: Add useful email variables (by @Hlavtox)


    • #33844: Allow adding multilanguage routes, add comments (by @Hlavtox)

    Bug fix:

    • #33964: Fix rounding of no pack price (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33928: Provide rendered category footer (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33978: Uniformise and improve cart stock protection (by @jolelievre)
    • #33930: Cannot set specific price with currency filter (by @M0rgan01)
    • #33885: Fix URL sanitization and duplicate language ID (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33788: Add htaccess to protect templates dir (by @nicosomb)
    • #33608: Fix tax detail in invoice (by @idnovate)
    • #33387: Do not overwrite legend by empty value (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33113: Add conditions for manufacturer fields (by @M0rgan01)


    • #33961: Do not construct presenters that we already have from the parent (by @Hlavtox)


    • #34026: Update product comments in composer.lock (by @jolelievre)
    • #33853: Updated PrestaShop Packages (by @github-actions[bot])
    • #33407: Do not check for multiple image formats feature, add fallback (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33817: Updated PrestaShop Packages (by @github-actions[bot])
    • #33598: Updated PrestaShop Packages (by @github-actions[bot])
    • #33515: Retry downloading language packs (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33467: Updated PrestaShop Packages (by @github-actions[bot])
    • #33433: Use proper limit for CMS page content (by @Hlavtox)

    Bug fix:

    • #33894: Fix adding and deleting language entries from tables (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33648: Add WebP and Avif to mod_expires (by @kpodemski)
    • #33573: Fix dropExistingForeignKeys method when updating doctrine schema (by @Hlavtox)
    • #GHSA-v4gr-v679-42p7: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #GHSA-2rf5-3fw8-qm47: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #GHSA-hpf4-v7v2-95p2: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #GHSA-m9r4-3fg7-pqm2: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #GHSA-75p5-jwx4-qw9h: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #GHSA-xw2r-f8xv-c8xp: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #GHSA-gf46-prm4-56pc: (by @matthieu-rolland)
    • #31637: Do not interfere with PDF files (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33322: Delete data from product_carrier table after deleting product (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33212: Prevent removing non restricted cart rules (by @Hlavtox)


    • #33883: Comment hooks with special calls, fix extra chain (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33907: Use softDelete method (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33555: Remove duplicates from smarty.config.inc.php (by @SharakPL)
    • #33436: Add some comments to Product class (by @Hlavtox)


    • #34034: Update INSTALL.txt for 8.x (by @matks)
    • #34007: Update default catalog 8.1.x (by @ps-jarvis)
    • #33976: Update czech localization pack (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33292: Add a check for key generation (by @Hlavtox)

    Bug fix:

    • #34025: Add actionAfterLoadRoutes in hook.xml (by @jolelievre)
    • #34018: Wording fixed for final export for 8.1.2 (by @jolelievre)
    • #33784: Add missing wording and domains (by @Hlavtox)
    • #33491: Add low_stock_threshold to fixtures (by @Hlavtox)

    Web Services:
    Bug fix:

    • #34014: Backport of 32884 / Fix Error Webservice combinations or categories on a blank schema (by @matks)
    • #32885: Added www-authenticate: bearer if the access token is invalid (by @nicosomb)

    Bug fix:

    • #33807: Fixed $legacyKey in buildTranslationCatalogueFromLegacyFiles() (by @Amazzing)


    • #33352: Functional Tests : Unskip test after #31572 is fixed (by @Progi1984)
    • #33349: Functional Tests : Improved test after partial fix for #32265 (by @Progi1984)

    Bug fix:

    • #33869: Nightly: Fixed campaigns/productV2/functional/03_CRUDProductWithCombinations.ts (by @Progi1984)
    • #33789: Nightly 8.1.x : Fixed campaigns/productV2/functional/01_filterProducts.ts (by @Progi1984)
    • #33501: Nightly : 8.1.x - Fix random errors (by @Progi1984)
    • #33326: Nightly : 8.1.x - Fixed Mocha Loader (by @Progi1984)


    • #33708: UI Test: delete filter by position on pages and categories (by @boubkerbribri)
    • #33679: Nightly: fix erreur on credit slip pagination test (by @boubkerbribri)
    • #33631: Modules tests - Fix 'Modules > Faceted search > Uninstall and delete module'' 
  • Compatibility
    PHP >= v8.1
  • Released
  • File Size
    78.8 MB


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